Do you want to set up your own business with as little hassle as possible? So why not build your own SMS business, providing customers (businesses) with low cost SMS Reseller solution facilities!

Well you can with PRO-SMS Reseller solution which offers bulk text messaging services to businesses by means of promoting their products and services to customers.

The Benefits to becoming a reseller of Pro-SMS are:

1. You have none of the costs associated with setting up a business.

2. No development costs.

3. You can be your own boss – setting your own workload, targets and goals for growth.

4. You have an established business partner in the industry with over 10 years’ experience.

5. You receive your own website, domain, HTTP API, documents branded with your logo and etc.

6. You receive our wholesale price list and buy credits based on it. 

7. You have full freedom to set your own prices and get a revenue

8. Your clients pay directly to you.


You buy 30 000 credits at our wholesale price of 0.008 EUR/credit which costs 2 400 EUR. Then you sell them on packages of 1 000 credits with price 110 EUR per package. You will get 3 300 EUR and your revenue will be 900 EUR without investment in expensive software development and contracts with providers. 

If you get bigger credit packages you can earn even more.

Initial one time Set-up fee - 100 EUR /this include lifetime website for you, documents re-branded for you, your own HTTP API, your own web system, domain 

Minimum reseller package - 20 000 credits

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